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We Are Passionate About Service.

NFP’s HR Technologies and Benefit Administration Services team has an extensive background in human resource and benefits administration systems. This experience allows us to help you focus on the key areas we know to be critical to the success of any HRIS / benefits administration solutions selection and implementation.

We’ll Meet You Where You Are

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We will help you define and understand your needs so that you implement the best strategy for your distinct situation.

Where You Are Now

You are as unique as your needs.

Where You Want to Be

We take a consultative approach to technology.

What You Need to Get There

Whether it’s a simple enrollment tool or an end-to-end solution, we will get you there.

We Are Committed to Your Success.

The playing field is crowded and can be difficult to navigate – making the wrong choice could be costly. At NFP, we see beyond the technology to the people who use it so that we can design strategies that work for you.

We Understand Marketplace Challenges

When it comes to human resource services and benefits administration, businesses are faced with numerous challenges:

The Data Doesn’t Lie

The trend towards implementing technology solutions is increasing. As it does, new vendors are entering the marketplace, while current vendors are releasing the next evolution of existing products.

Looking Before You Leap

You need forward-thinking, cost-effective solutions that support your human resources team, reduce benefits, automate benefits enrollment and eliminate inefficiencies. To that end, technology has become an extremely effective tool. However, it is only as effective as your understanding of your company’s specific needs. Without that knowledge, even free technology can prove costly in terms of wasted time and ineffectual processes.

Before you invest in HR / benefits software, do you know:

We’re With You Every Step of the Way

Our Solution In Play

By negotiating preferred partnerships with proven vendors, we can deliver competitive pricing and superior service to our clients.

A Preferred Provider Network with Well-vetted Vendors

Dedicated Team of Both HR / Benefits and Technology Consultants

Deep HR / Benefits Experience

Completely Unbiased Recommendations

How We Work

We can assist you with the selection and implementation of the technology solution that best fits your organization’s needs:

Results, Personified.

We understand that your resources are limited, and your implementation needs can vary. We offer implementation models which can include our HR Technologies and Benefit Administration Services Team. They can act as both your advocate and your resource network.

Roles / Tasks:

Hours Saved:

Search / Selection Process
Finding and vetting the system that will work for your specific needs can be time-consuming. We do it for you.


Project Manager
Implementing an HRIS system requires management and vendor oversight. We act as your dedicated resource and advocate during the implementation process.


Account Management
We act as an extension of your HR department, assisting you with answering employees’ questions about their benefits.


EDI / Eligibility
Automating the benefits eligibility management process saves time on portal maintenance, allowing you to be more productive.


Get In Touch

Whether you need a simple enrollment tool or an end-to-end solution, we can help.